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its only happened 3 times so far but its been twice this week.


1st one i reversed off my drive went to pull away put stalled and it wudnt start, pushed back onto the drive left it for a few minutes and it started fine


2nd time was monday while looking to fit a rev counter, the ignition coil wires and also i removed from the plastic support clips the engine management system. Tried to start but wudnt turn over for a good 15 minutes


3rd time wednesday night, started first time fine, turned it off to open the garage with my keys, tried to start her again but again wud not turn over. waiting a few mins, pressed the gas and clutch and she turned over.


this is a 1.4 L with 78K on it and no service history. i think it just flooding and thats what is causing the problem.



Opinions very welcome

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