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Escort for sale


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A mate of mine is trying to sell me his escort. Its a K reg 1.6 LXi 16v 5 door, ok condition couple of chips in paint thats all. Alloys, Stainless Steal back box, K&N or something similar, stobes, couple of other mods, nothing to obvious.


Thing is its done 101,000+ Miles and he wants £1400 quid, with no stereo. I think thats a bit steep, what do u reckon???

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ok then, advice taken. Car is not gonna be bought by me. anyone know of a 1.6 SI/LXi 16v for sale for £1200 max????

last time i looked on Autotrader there was loadsa Mk5`s startign from bout 600 - 700 quid, you can get a Mk6 for around a grand if you look hard enough.

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