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RS Disc Beam,Buldge Bonnet + More


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Genuine ford Mk5 Strut brace £40delivered




RS2000 Mk5 Buldge bonnet solid no rot has dent on front right will repair or ideal to remove buldge from £50delivered




Disc beam complete with as new discs and pads,good calipers and new mk5 handbrake cable £135delivered or fits mk6 if you use mk6 handbrake cable not supplied




Mk5 Recaro front seats minor ware on drivers bolstor still very good £95pair delivered





6 speed wiper stalk £20delivered inc relay


Standard ford speakers £25set delivered


Mk5 RS Steering wheel £20delivered


RS2000 Headlights £20each


Mk5 RS Sideskirts £35pair delivered


Mk5 RS Front bumper in lights £45Delivered


Mk5 Rear Bumper inc splitter £25delivered


MK5 RS Grille £20delivered


Mk5 & Mk6 3 door carpets £27each delivered


Paypal available for quick dispatch

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Bumpers red or blue


No original alloys :cheers:

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