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bike accident


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had this accident a few years back, not car related but thought i would post up


used to do dirt jumping back in the day, one particular jump, only bout 20ft in the air, as i landed front forks snapped


resulting into smaching my face, losing a tooth, tearing my lip apart, tearing inside of my mouth from front to back along side of my cheek, smashed and bruised windpipe, very slight hairline fracture on eye socket








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If your gonna do it, do it properly! lol


Glad your alright, i used to do this sort of thing too, but had one or two near misses (as well as a mate having a large one) and thought i best stop or something bad's gonna happen.

Do you still ride after that?

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yes i tried to ride after, but couldnt get anywhere near to how good i used to be, so i sold everything, before i got rid though this is one of the bikes i built from scratch, took me ages to save for the frame alone let alone all the parts lol



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the front shocks are morrozchi shivers, upsidedown forks, 550 pound they was back in the day lol


also did a bit of this




now just got a scott mc40 retails at about 1,700 pound lol


now owrries about spamming, its all good :thumb:


oh sorry you was on about rear shock lol yeah it was a fox one, cant remember which model though, gave me 6 inches of travel, not bad

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Ouch mike, you never told me about this. Youve healed well


I broke my foot and leg doing dirt jumping, was quite high in the air and just before i landed my foot slipped off the pedal and all the weight of the landing was transferd to my foot and leg. I hopped all the way home and then whent on holiday the next day so was in a wheel chair for half of it :(

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Would have had to been a full face covering helmet though to stop that!! Pretty Horrific. I have half a fake front tooth after a incident where my head argued with a kerb. Also have 3 scars under my hair from biking incidents.... nothing quite that extreme though. I dont even have a bike now because some skumbags thought they would vandalise it 3 or 4 times..
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