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Si/Gti Clutch


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shane, my car has done 49k and is on its 3rd clutch!!! i had a new one fitted last week cos the one i had 13months ago was slipping like f*ck! the garage weren't even gonna fit it under warranty cos they said it was burnt out and that i must drive like a rally driver (which i do)! i eventually got one fitted foc cos i work for Ford Motor Company and threatened to send in the auditors to see if they were doing there job right!!! at the end of the day mate, i think its got a lot to do with how you drive your car!!




P.S. Do you rest your foot on top of the pedal when not changing, this might have something to do with it!

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Me too, original clutch disintigrated at 37k, new cluch saw 38k and failed, driveshaft went at 39k resulting in new gearbox being needed, now with 39291 on the clock it's demanding a new clutch, im gonna try a performance on this tome, see if it lasts longer, probably a blackdiamond or EBC
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