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sale, interior seat and cards, electrical bits, etc etc


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ive got 2 head units, one has a 10disc changer with it. ill get the part numbers later


1.8 zetec throttle body with TPS sensor, very clean and full working order


should have a set of rear lights, 1 set of front head lights


1.8 gti ecu, code JABS


1.6 ecu with door locks, barrel boot lock and key


full set of standard suspension


ash black gti spoiler and one in some kind of blue, paint code is C3 for that one


2 white dials


fog lights


rear seats and backrest, 2 set in red raven, one in blue raven, £20 each set


rear door cards, 5door, 1 set red raven, 1 set blue raven, 1 set rear cards for a 3 door in blue raven, £10 each set


im also breaking a 1.6 mexico at the minute. pm for any bits. the cars is going to the scrap soon. and i WONT sell the shell, its crap



let me know if anyone wants anything!!!!!

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3door front door cards, also have the rear ones but one has a crack. £20 for the front, £10 for the back pair




5door door cards. red abd blue raven pattern, both for rear doors,. £15 each pair




the rear bench and back rests that go with the blue pattern door cards £20 for all of it





ill bring it to ford fair if it fits!!!

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any chance u will sell me the plastic trim that the front seat belt goes thru on the rr door cards (3dr)



yes i will mate £1 or if your going ford fair. burgers haha :thumb:


u got the plastic trim that goes on the bottom of the boot where the connectors r.... also how much for the maf



if you mean the bit where the pins touch then yeah i have that. also still have the MAF, £10 for both.


i also have 2 sets of rear bench and back rests in the red raven flow pattern. both in excellent condition.

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any chance you could bring bolts that hold then bench in also the clip that the backs seats clip into and seatbelts for rear to ford fair mate



if i get a chance tomorrow i will. if not i can post it after the weekend. ill do it cheap though :thumb:


will the maf fit my 1.6, if nt how much for just the boot pin trim



i dont see why not. its a MAF for a 1.6 zetec. few £ss for the other bit

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what this interior called?




i like it..

Blue raven apparently X(

I must be gettin old, Its not to my taste :D



i would guess that your right there. as the red version is called red raven lol. i wont be able to fit it in my car with the rest of the stuff im bringing but if you want it star let me know.


how much for standard suspension


as far as i remember i was after about £75 but make me a sensible offer and its yours. i dont plan on keeping it forever :thumb:

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