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off to go get me kit tomorrow morning


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finally getting me cossie kit tomorrow

they tried to deliver it this afternoon but no1 was in :nutter: :nutter: :nutter:

and its to huge boxes so ive gotta go 1st thing in the morning then go round a few places and get prices to fit and spray it.

me boss even let me take tomorrow as a holiday at such short notice too.



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im mad as hell

went to go pick it up this morning, and it turns out that the 2 parcels that cudnt be delivered were a box of Fcuking plants for my mum and a dvd which id got from ebay of the green mile


any way i thought fair enuff i'll go home and watch me dvd. opened the box up and it was a Fcuking vhs tape of the green mile. :vangry: :vangry: :vangry: :curse: :curse:

im gonna try to send it back to him and get a FULL refund, cos i dont want it on tape. :vangry: :curse:

me mum keeps saying "are u sure it said dvd on the description"

and i checked it a dozen times and it said dvd


what a waste of a day off :vangry:

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