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Would anyone be interested in..


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Sorry, nothing to do with escorts.


Im just seeing how much interest there is for a reseller package for selling webhosting, as i need to see that the income will exceed the outcome for the investment in new hardware.


(if you dont know what im going on about, just hit the back button)


the few first ones will be cheaper than normal,


if your interested let me know on msn: stoo_2000@hotmail.com


or email me: accounts@silvesterhost.co.uk


Thanks ;)

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Im interested in a quote for some webhosting and i was gonna pm you about it, Cruise-se.com requires a better BB, ive got the phpbb software and have started setting it up, trouble is our webspace isnt mysql compatible so it doesnt work, how much yearly would it be for a website/forum like this one? we have the domain name already and would like to run phpbb... which is simular to this...
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LOL! Nevermind, a girl I know has just to me shes managed to get a hold of a T3 server and shes got over 400 gb of space on it, and she said cause I helped her out with her webdesign for her Btec exams last year I can have as much as I need for free!!!




So I give it a month before she cracks up with my sites 100mb a day transfer rate!!!!!!!!! LOL!

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