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Bad earth problem?


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Right, this happened last night, when ive got my head lights on, i noticed the window switches light got dimmer, went to put the window down and theres a horn type noise coming from the rear left corner, the same thing happens when i put full beam on, if i turn the lights off to just sidelights then the buzzing will stop.


And also if the engine isnt running with just the ignition on, then the headlights will come on if i put the windows up, and get brighter the longer i hold it on for,


Really stumped me, dunno where to start with it lol

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Sounds like something is shorting as the horn type noise from the back left corner points to the alarm horn being activated !!

The wiring for the central locking and the electric windows are all in the same loom so it points to a fault in that loom.

The biggest problem is the wiring is under the carpet in the midle and acrossthe car so its a big job to check where the fault is.

I would suggest to start with the checking/replacing the light/indicator stalk unit as that may be faulty.

If that doesnt work next place to look would be any connectors associated with the windows and central locking...

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