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Escort Van?


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Now as some of you have read my previous post you prob know im after a 1.6 Escort to do up neatly/subtly for my first car though im 16 in december and have pleanty of time :) Now I just thought if I got an escort 1.6 Si, and an Escort van, how easy would it be to strip them both apart and have all the gadgets and the 1.6 engine in the van? Plus only 2 seats so insurance will be cheaper :) :unsure: Or am I just being stupid. Insurance plays a big part in what my first car will be :mellow:
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swapping diesel for petrol you mean?? ALOT involved, complete engine/gearbox/loom swap for a start, and number of seats has nothing to do with insurance, its all on engine size/power etc.


the si is insurance group 7 for the 1.6 and group 10 for the 1.8, vans im unsure of though :unsure: buts a hell of alot of work involved for a little more space in the back

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