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Heated Front Screen


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Simply plugs in the under bonnet part of the loom , and fit a relay into the fuse box,as 99% of escorts have the interior part already installed ,if your paying for a heated screen ,enjoy the bill as its nearly double that of a normal green one Edited by 1pukkadeal
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i got quoted £75 from ford brand new with the window seal. steve does that sound right to you. one place gave me that price and another place said it was more like £150.



for a heated new screen with the outer trim I would expect to pay a minimum trade of £150 so any less than that is a right result

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Right, finally got off my arse and decided to at least attempt to see where the loom goes.


On the drivers side, you're supposed to plug in a huge plug next to the ABS bits, except theres a plug already there with exactly the same colour wires going into it. Only thing missing is a separate wire that goes to the screen once in.


Following this cable along the bulkhead, it looks identical to the heated screen loom, goes to the battery (black box thing next to it) and plugs in same colour cables again. Evan has the same fuse. Somewhere before the battery though, part of the bit of loom runs round behind it and then down into the passenger side wing. Without following it, wtf does it lead to and what does it do?


From the most part, it looks identical to the loom I'm supposed to install but has a few missing parts i.e. the plug that goes to the screen on the drivers side, and also the plugs for the heated washers.

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