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Performance Problem!


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I've just developed a couple of, what seem like, nasty problems on my escort 1.8i mk6. Firstly, there was a really nasty rattle coming from underneath the car after i'd stopped revving it, and during gear changes etc. It turns out that my catalytic convertor was knackered and had come away from the front exhaust box, the rattle was just the cat rolling around!


Anyway, i still haven't got round to fitting a new front box and since then i've developed another worrying problem. For some reason, when i hit about 3k revs the car just seems to lose all power (well, it stays at the same rpm level more or less, perhaps a slight increase) and doesn't want to accelerate any further. It's hard to describe properly, but if you rev it hard enough it feels like there's something being sucked in somewhere that's just stopping it from getting any faster. I'm pretty certain it's not the clutch, the performance is just the same up until the 2.5-3k mark but then the engine just starts getting really noisy, like i've got a sports and exhaust and induction kit! Shame it just doesnt want to pull anymore! Could it be related to the exhaust problem? Will fitting the new exhaust fix this problem too?


Any help much appreciated.

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if your cats cream crackered, get it removed, then ask a nice person the cut of the mounting plates of each end of the cat and weld them onto a piece of stainless steel, you then have a decat pipe. use this until mot time, you now have two choices, find a sympaphetic mot station that will pretend they didnt notice, or fit a working cat, then swap back to decat pipe after the test.
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Hiya mate.


The problem could be caused by the damage to the cat as the HEGO (Hot Exhaust Gas) sensor is mounted on the downpipe. The change in back pressure can cause this to feed wrong readings to the engine management, which, in turn, limits the maximum possible RPM. Try fixing the exhaust first and see if the problem vanishes.


Hope it helpz...



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