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Big brake conversions

cossie rep

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At the moment i cant afford the £800 or so, brake disc conversions so was looking in just getting some 300mm+ original discs, but they are all thicker than the 20mm that are standard on the escort. I have read the conversion guide but, i am as thick as 2 short planks and dont understand a couple of things.


Spacers, how do i make them and where do they go?

Would i need to use the bigger caliper that goes with the 300mm discs or can i use my standard caliper?

and is there any other modification that is needed?

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just thought id say you can buy these conversions from Hi Spec motorsport


thats where i got mine ive got 283mm discs with brackets and new pads for standard calipers and i think it cost £280 not certain though


wot size wheels you got, u sure a 300mm disc would fit as i know the 283 mm disc the minimum size wheel you can for it is a 15''

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