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temperature gauge normal?


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Just wondering where temp gauge should sit. After a longish drive im lucky if mine gets over the letter N on normal. checked to see if my fan is running all the time and its not. So my question is where should it sit? Cheers in advance people.


Mine goes right to the centre of normal after about 20 mins. Not sure if thats the same on every car but always the same on mine.

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Both of mine point straight up after about 5 minutes

whether I doodle or thrash the tits off em.

both have digi dials though...

Did 300 miles today and it never moved either being thrashed down

the M1 or sat in a traffic jam on the A610 for 1/2 an hour.

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Currently, mine doesn't come out the black bit before normal :roll:


Had a temp sender in the boot for about 2-3 weeks, still havn't fitted it along with new thermostat haha. I really should look at it, because the engine is SCORCHING hot even after 5 minutes, much hotter than my old one.


My old one though, went right up to L on normal, then the fan kicked in and I still think that it was cooler to touch after a run than my current one.

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