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Any Mechanics in the house

Escort boy

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:( Hi can anyone help, my car has been left in the drive unused for a month and when i tried to start it today absolutely nothing happend!!! ?(

Just bought a new battery thinking that was the problem and still, nothing happens!!! 8o

Does anyone know of this happening and know how you can sort it out cos i dont have a clue, im completely screwed its stuck in my driveway ;)

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is the starter motor doing anything at all, i.e. clicking? if so then it sounds like soleniod. if it is that then for a short term fix to get u started try giving it a knock with a hammer this sometimes moves the contacts if they are stuck, but as i said thats really only a short term fix cos in my experience they always go again.


on the other hand if u have nothing happening at all no dash lights or anything then like escy said check the earths etc.

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