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how do i go about.........


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Erm basically in layamans terms i wont get super technical (i wouldnt understand myself if i did)

Remove Air Induction tube

Remove Throttle body

Remove the throttle cable bracket from the throttle body >2 Torx screws<

Under this throttle plate is a 3mm Alen key hole

Put throttle body back on inlet manifold without throttle cable bracket...

Insert alen key and adjust Idle Level to suit your taste

I like it dead on 1000 myself slightly higher than it should be, proberbly costs me a few quid a year more than having it at the standard 900 rpm but i like the noise of my exhaust burbling at 1000rpm its also better for the idle control valve as it wont cut out if it gets dirty (like mine was)

Once u set it as u like it

remove thottle body

replace throttle plate

refit on car

refit throttle cable into plate and test!

oh and refit induction pipe!


Also squirt WD40 over all the Springs on the throttle body as they seize up a bit with grime, this may increase throttle response slightly


a can of 10k boost would also be a good idea whilst you have the inlet pipe off suirt the can full down the inlet manifold :)

oh and carb cleaner all over the thottle body





shh its a secret tho

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