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Megasquirt / Jenveys / Wiring / Help :)


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Im planning on putting a set of Jenvey ITBs with a MegaSquirt V3 Extra ECU in my car soon (next month)


After looking around here i noticed few people have fitted MS into there escorts (danzetec, Adam JJ etc) and a few are MS experts (stu)


Im after anything that will help me get the damn thing into my car, Im just researching right now, so after an diagrams you found or made up to help you, and any pointer you may have to help me out ;)


also what do you recommend i should also consider doing so its all fairly reliable and maybe squeeze an extra hp out of it? all i can see while reading up is the standard valve springs are rather weak? Do you guys reckon its worth uprating them?


Also heard uprating the cams will gain hp, but i thought the 2.0 ones were hot already? surely getting some kent/ piper etc will not help at all?


Im also using 330cc injectors, (bit over kill i believe but thats what i was supplied with) so once set up do you think the fuel pump will be okay or does that need upgrading to get the most out of the new set up?


Any help is much appreciated guys :cheers:



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If you're not going to raise the compression ratio substantially, then be happy with the typical ~160bhp you'll get from an ITB conversion on a standard engine - a power figure that the standard cams are more than happy to provide.


330cc injectors will be enough for approx 250bhp, so bear in mind if you want to run a 'dry shot' with your nitrous and the ECU adding additional fuel for it. If you're using a 'wet shot' then it doesn't matter.


Yes you will need an uprated fuel pump, with the nitrous.


edit: and standard valve springs are fine, to a point.. 160bhp they'll be fine..

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I think im set on a wet kit for the nitrous.


so 160bhp on this set up. where can i go from there? you mention raising the compression, exactly what would that acheive and how do you go about doing that?

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fair enough, but i may be wanting to go down that route later on though ;)


anyway, can someone expalin the 2 types of set up i can see for ford


wasted spark and EDIS


does the zetec have an EDIS module? from what it looks like to me it not something i have come across before on mine.


im looking on ExtraEFI at the diagrams, and trying to understand what one i need to use, i believe you can use either but one involves more work than the other? can someone elaborate?




what i see is edis is the easier way to wire up the MS ECU, and the wasted spark way involves an ignitor box, is that correct. sorry people just trying to understand it all, as it is new to me. :innocent:


so if what i said is correct i either need to get an edis module or an ignitor box?


is this the main wiring diagram i need? VR based main fuelling wiring diagram



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A MS configured for EDIS requires an external EDIS module (eg from an early Zetec engined car, on later cars the EDIS module is inside the engine)..


Best way really is to have an MS built for direct coil drive/wasted spark.. then there's no need for an EDIS module at all.. EDIS was just a hack really as the ECU wasn't fast enough to do proper spark control.. it's basically a little spark computer all of its own.

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just rung up where im getting mine from, as they know what engine its for (zetec) it all gets configured to that engine, so there should be no need for a EDIS set up. its supposidly made to be as simple fitting wise as possible.
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