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rs2000 beam


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i just put a mk6 rear beam on my mk5b,use existing shocks,undo and remove existing h/brake cable..

support rear axle on axle stands,remove lower shock mounting bolts,remove brake lines,(flexi to metal pipe joint),remove bolts holding rear axle to floor bracket bolts. (may have to cut off depending on rust).lower axle to floor and put to side,,next..........

you will need 1. mk6 h/brake cable for rear discs (about £30 from motor factors)

2. rear disc beam with calipers,disc's,pads and innner hand brake shoes as a complete ready built unit.

3.rear brake flexi hose's for rear disc beam .

4.possible new bolts for axle to floor mounting position.

5.possible new bolts for shocker lower mounting point..

6.plasters for skint knuckles.......optional

fit new axle to car at mounting point.

fit lower shocker bolts.

refit new h/brake cable.

refit new brake lines.

bleed brakes and adjust h/brake.

check all is tight and fitted correctly,

get a shower and road test,if new disc pads used then take it easy with brakes for a while to let them bed in..

hope you understand what i done..alan.

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