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nokia 5800 touch screen


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Ive got one camera and music player pretty good, but it crashes quite a bit and will keep flashing for no reason or sumone will text an it will never stop vibrating so u have to turn it off ?(


Mine doesn't have any of those problems.


I think the camera quality is pants ... I had the LG Viewty before and that had an exceptional camera.


The only bug that I have come across as of yet is when texting the "buttons (touch pad button)" sometimes gets "stuck" and then proceeds to change itself to any old number/letter/symbol that the button represents.


The sound quality is absolutely amazing, the ear phones it comes with are extremely good quality too. Videos match this opinion as well.


Some nice features on the phone too, I would recommend it. :cheers:

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i've got one and i think it ace. like as said before sound and video quality is amazing! like a mini tv and sound system all in one! texting takes a bit of getting used to as it has the full querty keyboard! you get a phone cover to go with it, i recommend using it all the time with the phone to protect it from any damage!


also do as the book says and fully charge the battery for 24 hours as the battery will last longer rather than charging it and then taking the charge off when the battery is so called full on the screen! compared to my old N95, the software is faster and so far hasn't crashed on me at all!

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