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headunit probem


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Went to wire up my footwell neons today and i was gunna wire them to mine headunit for the power and use a on/off switch.


Well when i connected headunit back up it doesnt work now. checked wiring and fuses and nothing that i can see,


thought it was dodgy wiring between the headunit and standard yellow blocks so tried the standard headunit and that works fine.


Tried my sony headunit with all my wires in a mates escort and it works fine, tried his in mine and it doenst work.


makes no sense as standard unit works and when i tried connecting up a aftermarket one it doesnt work,


been out side since 3pm trying to figure it out,



has anybody come across this before and know whats going on as i have not got a clue,


Sorry for massive essay,


cheers guys

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Have you cut any wires when you've connected up the neons? X(


not that im aware off as neons are stuck under dashboard and wires stuck up there aswell,


only wires i cut is on the wires between headunit and yellow block and mine works in mates escort so they seem to be fine.


the problem seems to be form the yellow block back into the dash but standard unit works fine.

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