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Fusion 17cm speakers


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Got my old fusion speaker's for sale out of my old derv,


They're Fusion encounter 180w 16cm speaker's, come complete with the door adaptors and wires for the front doors on escort's


Good condition no damage and work as they should, I had these running off my kenwood headunit (50w per channel) and they were pretty decent sounding speakers :D


Don't have a pic of the actual speaker's but managed to dig this pic up off the web




The model number for them are FES-602S if you wanna look up more info on them


They're still selling in halfords for £39.99 and then you've gotta buy the speaker adaptors for another £15-£20!!!!



£25 :thumb:

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not being funny but at that price id rather add the extra and get em from halfords


Stop being stupid, so you'd rather add £30 - £35 and get it all from halfords! Even though these are perfectly fine :pancake: I dont need an answer to stop spam ;)


Bump, bargain for someone :)

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