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rs turbo problems


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hi all


put an rs turbo lump in my mk5 escort but its misfiring quite bad

it was overfueling alot but i've now sorted this

when u rev it its like its choking and sounds like its down on one cylinder

ive got spark and fuel in all cylinders

it also backfires wen u rev it and spits flames out the exhaust!


could realy do with some help from an rs turbo specialist!!! anyone know anybody who could help!?!?!


cheers jay



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timing is spot on

yeh leads are right way round 1342 innit?? on autodata program it says 1342 but my haynes manual says 1243!! which one is it??

using my standard 1.4 fuel pump atm till i uprate it which is the best to use with the engine??


i managed to get it home but it was so painful

it chokes alot, backfires, struggle to get it up to 40 ish den wont go past 50ish on a flat road!!

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you have got the lead's connected right on the coil aswel havnt you?


what is it, a escort turbo engine, or fiesta turbo?


you sure you sorted it's overfeuling aswel, shouldn't spit flame's out if you have :unsure:

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