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need help now !!!!!!


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just pulling up to my mates house n brakes went all spong on closer examinatien i have bost the flexi pipe on my brakes :(


what tools will i need to fix it tommorow

obviosly i will have to order the part but that shouldnt be a problem


problem is i have collage tommorow so would like to be able to fix it quickly is this possible ?

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I used :


11mm on the union joint at the top and some grips to hold the pipe.

16mm on the union on the caliper.

I think a 13mm socket on the nut holding the middle bracket on

A drill to drill out the old rivet!

As above rivet gun and rivet, I cable tied it till I got to work and put a proper rivet in.

Brake fluid to topup with




Doesn't take long if you have everything to hand

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