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query regarding engine change


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i have a mk 2 mondeo, 1.8 R reg

and was wondering if a mk1 mondeo 2.0ltr N reg would fit in without changing anything ,

has my timing belt tensioner shatterd and bent 2 valves that i know of so far, , or if i took the head off and chaged the valved would i have to get the head skimmed, aswell, or could i get away with just putting a new gasket set on. ?????


can anybody give me advice on this please




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i wunna say so to skimming,,, maybe just take a thou off just to clean the surface.. but i replaced a valve on a 1.6 zetec in my old escort... just give the head and block mating surfaces a good clean with a plastic scraper and wirewool for the head and you can use emer paper for the block but just so the surface is clean :) thats what i done and there has been no issue
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cheers scott i might just try that, aslong as its the cheapest way to get my car back on the road,


fcuking timing belts & tensioners, cause sum serious damage, . only had the car a month n this happens yet again same as last car, ggrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrg

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