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cheap door cards and rear bench


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Wanted: door cards for a MK6 escort, 5dr, and a rear bench with head rests any pattern


anyone got any they are chucking out or don't want any more?


cheap as possible and local to Birmingham,


regretting giving my spare rear bench away now :nutter:


Ive got some 5 door leather door cards ... would go great with a gti interior ... £50 collected?

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Rear bench sorted :-)


i have a set of door cards although the front ones have speakers cut in to the speaker grilles


i come to birmingham quite alot so could meet at some point.


Thanks for the offer but need to be uncut


have a full set of lx trim free of charge but you would need to collect from NW LONDON area mate,


cheers Steve, little far for me at the moment


Got a spare finesse full interior needing it out of the way from my garage...


But its missing its rear headrests? nicked um out for me RS retrimmed rear headrests.


PM'd mate

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