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Mk 5 Rs2000 Tapping


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Hi all hopefully someone can help me out here.


i have a mk5 rs2000 runs fine but when its starts up cold there is a lot tapping from the engine it gets faster and slower with the revs.

seems to go away after about 5-6 mins but its doesn't die off it will just got from loud and easy to hear while driving to off.


any ideas? all help much appreciated.

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take the sump off job mate



no its not.


you need to remove the bottom part of the timing chain cover, remove the oil pump chain and you will see the oil pump. you will need to lower the engine slightly on the drivers side to gain access to the pump, as you look at the pump on the top left you will see the pressuse release valve, remove the pump and then remove the valve, give it a good clean with petrol then apply locktite and refit. you will need to fit a new seal to the pump and another new seal to the lower timing chain cover once your ready to refit it. its not as hard as it sound.


does sound like this will be the cause of your problem though. ill try and post up some pics later

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