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2FBDC ECU Connector Pinout?


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Could someone give me a list of the pin allocations on the 60-way connector of a 2FBDC (Escort 1.8 92-93 130ps non-PATS) ECU?


I can find several EEC-IV pinouts but they all appear slightly different, so would like to get the one for the actual ECU I have.


Thanks :cheers:


They vary by engine code. Get that and I'll sort the right one out for you.

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Thanks Steve! :cheers:


One slight problem...I don't have the engine that goes with it, just the ECU and loom.


The ECU has '9214 1004', 'E9AF 14A624 AA' and '(GTE)' printed in magenta on the connector housing and a label on the back with '2FBC', 'EEC-IV', 'CAD 2D2211', '*B2JC0328KDKW*', 'SMO-270' and '92FB-12A650-BC' printed on it. The label also has 'E2D23' stamped on it. It has another label on the end opposite the connector, which has '92FB-FB', '2FBC' and '205071' on it.


Perhaps you can identify it from these details?


Apparently the FINIS number for this ECU is 6733317, if that's any help?

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There is only one engine code for 130PS.. 'RQB'..


I'd need to know your reg to find the right diagram though..


Ah, well I don't have that either, just the ECU and loom. Is there any other way to tell?


Are there many variations for this ECU? Would it be possible to get all the possible versions?



Well the ECU is 1992, so I would imagine that the info for that year is going to be correct. Can't get it until tommorow as I've left the disk in my machine in work, but Stu may be able to help before then.

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