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hi just thought i better show some pics of my cars both are of the road due to have some work done to them


this is just after i got it home and me and my mates washed and polished it to get the red back as it looked a bit pink


rear arches were rotten drivers side was missing a lot of the inner arch new repair patches welded in and some were near finished


rs2k bumper was silver found it in local scrap yard cleaned and preped and painted


this was also saved from a brakers was to good to let go and engine was still warm so not been in there long (ps thats not me grinning like a silly sod) my mates dad


rusty battary tray !!! rust had eaten a lot of the way down the bulk head and around the top of the heater fan


all cut and ready for new bit to be welded in


all the cars together the red rs rep is a 1.4. with full rs inner guts (seats door cards ect ) just needs the finishing bits to finish it off (lights, bonnit, grill, and maby rear wing) the compomitves are now sporting a funky shade of pure white. but its in need of lowering

the xr3i is a 5b not a huge fan of the mix and match front and rear ends but its grown on me this is all but ready needs chassis rails doing and new fuel tank

the focus is my mrs car

will post better pics when im on my other pc

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new pics of the pair

the mk5 need a dam good tcut and polish ect and my rs grill fitting


unknown compomotive 16" just looking to see what it would look like lol


tanks out of the xr as it needs replacing now ive had the chassis rails done

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thanks for all the good coments ppl

Scort CVH i did a lot of the prep work my self then got a mobile welder to come round and weld her back to gether cost me a 100 mate which i didnt think was to bad just got to practice welding my self now as i have a small mig unit but didnt want to mess that up rather pay out for some one to to it right first time lol

as for a mint mk5 i wish it was mint had a few bits done but it needs a full blow over as a few diffrent shades of red but when i use the red polish it ties it all back in and really looks good just a few things left i want for the mk5

not even sure im going to keep the xr once im done just have to wait and see

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not sure tbh if the xr fails its mot i may just strip and use the lump in the mk5. other thoughts were a 1.6 cvh to turbo at a later date or a 1.9 cvh theres just to many options really. But at the moment its still got std brakes no point upgrading them at the sec. The more i read what ppl are doing the more i want to sort it out
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