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Right, a couple of days ago I was quite happily driving along.. Everything was good... Then, Oh.....


ALL the dash lights went out... Clock, dials, switches... all the lights went.


Then they came back a couple of mins later.....


Then went again...


AND it keeps happening.


I thought nothing of it really. Just another thing my escort likes to do... But today, abot half an hour ago, I was driving my sister and her friends to town, and a taxi driver was along side me at some lights waving his arms about. Put my windown down and gave me the good news my tail lights were out aswell! So I pulled over, checked the fuse. It'd gone. Replaced it. Checked: and they're still not working. So I drove home- now aware of why people are flashing me.. And took the bulb out of the drivers side. Heres a pic:




Are they supposed to be black!!!


I'm wonderin if there was a surge in that part of the electrical system thats blown it... Or if the wirings gone kaput :(


So, any ideas anyone?



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might sound silly but it could be indicator/wiper stalk setup


do sidelights go out too your main beam and brake lights will prob still work


i had same problem turned out red wire inside was corroded when it does it give it a tap see if this works do


That actually did cross my mind, but I dismissed it because I thought it was silly lol! I recently had a new set of stalks put in (2nd hand obvs). Sidelights do go out when the dash lights go out- I found that out tonight when I was checking the other lights, and yeah, main beam and brakes still work- as do fogs.


Do you mean the red wire inside the stalk set itself? or is it one of the wires going TO the stalks? How did you fix it?


Thanks for the reply mate, really appreciate it as I need my car for goin to Alton Towers on Monday!

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out of curiosity why did you change the stalks. if its a different problem plug old ones back in and see if same problem


also be extremely careful when taking them apart very delicate


Will do mate, thanks.


The last set were on when I bought the car. The flash was broken and didnt spring back to the off position, and would switch itself on so I was driving with full beams on without realising! Also, the single wipe function didnt work at all!


My car is living proof that NOT ALL ONE LADY OWNER CARS ARE PERFECT!!!!!! hahaha!

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