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Hi all.... I'm new, just bought a 1998 Escort van


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Good afternoon everyone, I just bought a 1998 'R' 55 Escort Van, full mot, tax till the end of July, 97000 miles.


I picked it up Monday, it was in need of a little tlc, I spent a bit of time through the week giving it a little clean.


Here are a few pics for you:





























I also drive this:








Thanks for looking...


Comments welcome :D

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Hang on a minute, thats no little clean, thats a full on bufty session lol....with great results, well done mate. Some good photography aswell. Do u have any plans for it?


Lol... Yes well a bit more than a quick wash!


No major plans for it, it will be used for work so.... I will get some new wheel trims for it, get it sign written and just generally tidy up the bits on it! :thumb:

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Thanks for the comments guys :thumb:


The Engine bay was the first thing to be cleaned on the van, all I did was - Sprayed Autoglym engine cleaner all over (cold engine) Aggitated with a Meguiars slide lock brush and rinsed with a very fine mist from the hose, repeated process then left to dry. I then put a fine spray of Autoglym tyre shine over it and left it to dry.


The van itself was then washed - Firstly sprayed Meguiars APC on the lower sections and left it to dwell for 2 mins, then I foamed it over with a mix of snowfoam and Chemical Guys extreme wash in a lance, this was left to dwell for about 5 mins.


I then washed the van using wash mitts and the 2bm, dryed off with Poorboys waffle towel. There were some tar spots left so I hit them with Autoglym tar remover, I then clayed the van using Meguiars last touch diluted for lube.

After claying it, I applied Meguiars step 1 paint cleaner, once all the prep was done I then got the Rotary out with Meguiars #80 & # 83 to bring back a bit of shine!


After the machine polish, I applied a thin even layer of Chemical Guys XXX Wax, left to cure for a few minutes and buffed with micro fibre towels, this was then repeated after tea!


I also did the finishing bits like - Autoglym fast glass on the windows and Meguiars tyre gel applied. :thumb:

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