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Guess the broken part game...


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Oh so close.


Its the bolt that goes thu the union on the brake hose.


Had to slam on my brakes, on my way home because of some roundabout usage fail from a silly Merc driver. Alfa in front slammed on and stopped nice and quick I did the same. All I got was a bang and a brake pedal on the floor grabbed the hand brake and must stopped an inch off his bumper.


Pulled up rang the AA and found this bit still in the calliper with no head.


Got home and put a new bolt in now and all seems well.


How the hell does a 11 year old bolt suddenly lose its top ?(

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Just undid it with my fingers there was enough to grab onto still, wasn't tight at all.


I would expect it if I had tightened it up to much but this just popped it top off when planted the pedal.


This particular bolt I don't believe has been moved since ford put it in..

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I was after the end of the bolt came off, as far as I know it was all tight before I had to brake hard on the way home from work.


I heard the top of the bolt hit the inner arch made a right bang!


I pulled up and the car proceeded to dump the rest of the brake fluid on the floor.

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