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Coke giving away 3 million XBox MS points


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Not sure if anyone else is interested in this... Although most of us will jump at something for free!


Coca-Cola is teaming up with Microsoft this week to give away $37,000 (£25,000) worth of Xbox 360 Microsoft Points. As in, they're free.


The partnership will see three million points given away via a Happiness Factory promotion on Xbox Live - and it's 'first come, first served'.


360 users will be whisked off to the Coke Zone site where they can register for their points and then spend them on lots of nice Xbox things, like videos or games.


AFAIK, there are only 3 dates you can buy on - 17th April, 24th April, 1st May (All Fridays)


200 per customer to give away.


If your interested... PM me with an email address and I'll get you signed up (If I sign you up we both get more points to spend on MS Points and other crap including games etc - Could eBay them! - Not just Xbox games... PS3, Wii and mobile games also :thumb: )


This isn't spam or advertising... just though some of you would jump at something for free... :pancake:

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