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Removing swirl marks


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wax wont remove anything, its just protects what you have done to the paintwork


you can get various cutting compounds to get rid of your swirls by hand


but for the ultimate finish you should get a Rotary or a Dual Ation polisher


make sure the car is very clean before machine polishing and protect with a decent wax, keep it clean and should be ok


the way you wash your car might be adding swirls too, there are various different ways to wash your car to reduce the risk of swirling

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super resion polish will help slightly but will take a lot of work to correct your swirls problem, if you can get hold of any AG OB2 cutting compound and a AG polishing sponge (available from most motorist discount stores) this should help a lot more than just super resin, then once youve cut it back slightly, polish up usin same method with super resin and coat in AG extra gloss and it will look exceptional
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