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edis module


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Hi all-Does anybody know if it`s possible to bypass the edis module? The reason is i`ve taken my XR3i engine (130) out of my mk5 (93 K). And I want to put it in my mk6 1.6. (97 R) The mk6 doesn`t have the external edis module so I will assume it`s intergrated into the ecu :unsure: . (I dont want to get rid of the mk5 and then find out I need the edis and the wiring to go with it)


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It depends on which ECU you're using... assuming you're going to use the right ecu (eg, the 130ps) one, then yes you'll need the EDIS module etc!

Thanks for the quick reply Stu :thumb: . It`s not what I was hoping to hear :censored: oh well best start getting the wiring out then :vangry:

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