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samsung digi camcorder F30 flashcam


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BNIB samsung digital camcorder "flashcam"


is £200 in currys (and i beat ya to its - its £220 on amazon!!!)


will take £150 posted special delivery.


It takes SD cards and records for up to 16hours on a 16GB SD card. It can also take Still images. has a 42x intelli-zoom.




currys ad-


Designed to capture those special moments in your life, the Samsung F30 Digital Camcorder is an elegant and compact camcorder – perfect for taking wherever you go!

Standard Definition

34 x Optical Zoom (not sure why it says this as the box says 42x ?( )

2.7" LCD Screen

Widescreen Recording

Compact design

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you'll have to excuse my stupidness, but whats a sd card? can i put whatever i film onto a disc/dvd?


can i pay £10 deposit via paypal and send the rest in a postal order? or i could get the mrs to put money into her account tomorrow to send via paypal...

it's the mrs paypal you see, and she has no fund's in her bank to withdraw... pain in the arse

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sd card is a memory card, like this:-




its so you done have to have tapes, cd's/ mini dvd's etc


so you put that into a card reader on your computer and transfare the files from there. or plus the camera direct to the comp :cheers:

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