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s2rs skeggy summer meet


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we are holding a meet in skegness at the welcome inn pub starting at 6 pm


some of us are making a day out of it then the next day we are having a run up to totb if anyone is interested in coming along


iam game for a giggle more details pls mate :thumb:

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right most of us are meeting at around 10am in skegness then we are going to have a run down to fantasy island to have a walk round the market and then go on the fair then we are going to head back into skeg and hit the arcades for a while then off to the welcome for 6pm get everyone parked up get some photos hopefully photoshoot with fast ford just waiting for final confirmation then we are going to have a pub dinner then go for a cruise round for a bit then get our heads down.


on the sunday we shall be leaving skegness around 8am to meet a few people in hull by half 9 then straight up to totb for another laugh

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