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problems with the 360...


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Started last week but took no notice of it as everything has starting problems now and again.


Turn the xbox on, fine

instert disk and it starts reading the disk, screen goes black and its froze, nothing happening cant turn off by controller or anything.


took no notice the first few times, its starting to annoy me now, went to go on the xbox this evening about an hour after watching a dvd on it and it crashed and a blank screen, tried another game, same happend.


then eventualy it loaded the game, but it seemed really slow, wanted to go on an online game so clicked xbox live, really slow loading that, clicked find a match and it just searches and doesnt connect to any game, eventualy just puts me in an empty room, tried it on all different types of online matches and it did the same, tried going on another game on live and it wont find any matches again...


is anyone having these problems on live? (Cod4, Cod:WAW)


I know its not my internet cause everything is running fine on both computers and i did the conection check up on the xbox and it was fine aswell.


going to phone gamestation where i bought the xbox from but thought as they arent open right now maybe anyone on here has any ideas?

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how old is it? take it back to gamestation and demand a replacement first thing tuesday?


phoning them first thing tuesday, i bought it boxingday so its not old at all... tried it this morning and everything worked, just alot slower than normal, going to my dads later so will ask my step brother if hes had the same problem

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