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please help!!!!!!!


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hi all this is my first post hope its in the right place lol. so here we go..........


r reg escort 1.4 wont start.


if i bump it it starts and runs for a short distance then revs drop trys t stall. if i give it some right foot revs drop.

engine still running at this point so i disconect maf and it runs ok for a short time then does the same again!!!!


i have had nothing but problems with this motor but love the way she drives dnt wnt to scrap it but at my wits end!!!!!!


need help lol any 1 close enough i make a great bacon butty and brew if u wnt t lend a hand as need my car on the road asap!!!!


many thanks chris

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Welcome to the site.

The needing a bump start thing could be a flat battery, but on my old 1995 1.4 it was something to do with the imobiliser. If i turned the key it would turn over but not fire, but if it was bumstarted it would start up and run.

If you dont have a battery tester, pop the battery to halfords and they can do a free battery test for you :)


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