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another clearout!!


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right another load of parts i want to get rid of!


escort dashboard, good for flocking painting etc £10 collected




BMC CDA Induction Kit, very good for performance wise and does work! The best closed induction kit for any car!




i had it on my old escort mk6 5 door 1.6, didn't do much for performance wise but it was better than an open cone induction kit, heres how i fitted mine:




the whole kit including brackets, and will get the filter properly cleaned with the proper cleaning kit, and will include the straight coupling silicone hose in gloss black to fit onto escort maf's all for £110 delivered! the kit was originally designed for a focus zetec 1.8/2.0 but can fit any engine just got to adapt it!


standard escort clock, still working perfectly! £5 delivered




electric mirror switch works perfectly fine £5 delivered




escort horn £5 delivered




escort heater dials surround, good for customising! £3 delivered




Escort Coolant hoses, connects to water pump, thermostat and raditor i think, no leaks, £10 delivered




Radient Red Tailgate/Boot in good condition, but needs some repair, extra holes drilled in for aftermarket spoiler!










so it will need repair and possibly a full respray, good for customising like smoothing the whole tailgate, or some other customisation!


universal breather filter, with max power on the top! good for an oil breather for an aftermarket induction kit £5 posted




standard centre console, good for painting, flocking, etc! £12 delivered!




Interior Manual Mirror Covers in Metallic Blue, i got bored one day and used some spare paint i had on these, £4 delivered




Escort MK5 Rev Counters, Got two spare, if you rev counter is broken it could be most likely the motor inside and has gone bust, these two i have still work perfect, and tested! £5 delivered each:




Escort Mk5 Fuel and Water Temp Guages, got two spare, both work perfectly fine and have tested them! £5 delivered each




Escort MK5 130mph Speedo Guage still works fine with mileage 79250 £5 delivered




i've got loads more bits to come including a cosworth wide arch kit that needs some repair, full front wings, side skirts, and rear wings, not exact replicas but good quality!


mk6 3 door both driver side and passenger side doors! Will swap them over for mk5 ones


FK rear coilovers, good for temporary rear suspension when you change to a rear disc beam, so you can readjust the height if you don't like the standard drop of 15mm


Escort 1.8 zetec engine unsure whether its the 105 or 115 ps, in very good working condition, have tested it and it works perfect no unusual rattles or knocks


comes fully serviced using genuine ford parts only done 55,000 genuine mileage!


3 door rear windows with standard green tint, not cosworth ones! you could probably customise these to tint yourself and fit. they are in very good condition, no chips or cracks would need a new window seal though!


if you need anything please pm me and let me know!

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right guys, the bmc cda induction kit has now been sold.


so all of the above is still available, and will accept offers on them as well, maybe swaps!


But i have some more stuff to sell now:


Custom St24 rear bumper:


Customised by cutting the depth of the bumper by a few inches so it sits shorter than the standard bumper, so good for lowered escorts, also been influenced by Mike C's escort, and cut the grille and exhaust hole out for a custom look, its not the same as his but similar and so its good for dual exhausts. and also i have moulded some gti replica bumper spats onto it as well to give it a bit of flare to the bumper and also to repair the bottom because it was a bit of state when i got the bumper! primed in 2 pack primer, but it revealed air holes undiscovered so i used levelling filler to fill them over so it needs sanding down gentily before re applying anymore primer. then a decent paint job would set it off nicely!


Want £80 collected for it and i spent too much on resources i.e. sandpaper and fibreglass!






Cosworth Style Lower Rear Spoiler:


Painted in Radient Red using 2 pack paint and lacquer, its supposed to fit mk6 escorts but it doesn't sit flush against the tailgate, so ideal for mk5's or cabriolets maybe. Small crack in the fibreglass not really noticeable.


£40 or near offer collected or add £15 for delivery!






Full Escort Electric Sunroof Conversion Kit:


With brand new Ford Genuine Opal Grey cowling, comes with all the wiring looms, button, bolts and fully working motor!


£45 delivered!




Also selling my RS7 Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels 17 inch with tyres:


Some of you say i maybe mad but i think its time for a change


At this moment in time they are in a professional alloy wheel refurb place and they have done loads of these sets before. And its really expensive due to the wheels being diamond cut! So when they are finished they will look exactly like brand new like out of a box from the Ford factory itself, also comes with new centre caps, ford genuine locking nuts and keys, ford genuine mcgard alloy wheel locking nuts, and a full set of Dunlop SP Sport 9000 tyres with 5-7mm of tread, these tyres i have found are the best for grip in all weathers! and hard wearing as well!


Looking for £999 or very near offer for them! Some may say thats ridiculous price, but they are worth it as the tyres are around £100 a corner, and don't mistake these for the soft spokes that have been diamond cutted, they are the real deal proper original RS7 alloy wheels in 17 inch diameter. heres a few pictures of them when they were on my car:










Also have my other set of alloys for sale, Wolfrace Pro Race Alloy wheels, no tyres:


these seriously need a refurb, they are all pretty much kerbed or have some slight damage on them, like scratches, brake fluid stains, corrosion. one or two have major damage , i.e. one slight buckle and one has had a huge chunk of metal ripped out by a kerb!


looking for sensible offers these cost me £600 brand new and that was 2 years ago!


a full refurb shouldn't cost much will fit 4x108 but also had 4x100 bolt patterns so good for other cars as well with escort offset!





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it sits about 3-5mm off the corners of the tailgate but maybe it just needs heating up and gentle repositioning mykez but i'm not using it any more as i'm after a rs accessory spoiler like what mc bob has!


and dan, well i got the engine started with a spare battery i had which somehow still works after 2 years of owning it from an old car!

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it sits about 3-5mm off the corners of the tailgate but maybe it just needs heating up and gentle repositioning mykez but i'm not using it any more as i'm after a rs accessory spoiler like what mc bob has!


and dan, well i got the engine started with a spare battery i had which somehow still works after 2 years of owning it from an old car!



does it drive tho?

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too right it does it matey, as soon as i connected the battery to the car, it just started up, but was loud like a rally car due to no exhaust system, so the neighbours were a wee bit pissed off!


oh by the way bump, and may accept offers on all i have for sale! just pm me your best offer except for the RS7 alloys, will not accept offers lower than £900 as they are worth it!

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fair play to you, got a real bargain there then!! i would never have guessed the battery in a million years from the syptoms i had!! plus the battery was 2 years old!! so you dont loose power when you put your foot down? it doesnt spit and gargle?


ps sorry to hijack your thread, just curious to see how the old boy is doing!!

Edited by ST170 Dan
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