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1997 Ford Escort SI 1.6 16v


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would really apprecaite anyones help , the car was fine last night then went to start it today and the key turns one click and nothing , the ignition lights come on and everything and hubby said he can hear the petrol so he doesnt think its the petrol pump etc ,

Hes checked all the cables on the spark plugs (cant look at the spark plugs themselves as he doesnt have the plug spanner)


How can we tell if the starter motor might have gone ?

Does it give any warning before it goes like for instance cutting out when we drove it before today , cos its never given us any trouble starting up , before today


If it has gone is there anything at ALL


Any help will be so happy to hear it as its the easter weekend and no mechanic open and also cant visit anyone

Thanks in Advance


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Do the ignition light dim when you try to start it?


Thank You Both For Replying Its Helped a Lot Ive Managed to Lend a Battery Charge Pack And Its On Charge Now

So Im Crossing My Fingers That It Is The Battery

The Lights Dont Dim But When We Try Starting It It Only Clicks Just Once The Engine Doesnt Crank At All



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did he bash the solenoid with a hammer and magically your car went?



No lol

Believe it Or Not He Just Put It Into Neutral And Because im On a Hill He Went Down There Fast !! And Chucked It Into 2nd And Its Up And Running (im really gald i got a mechanic who is brilliant he doesnt charge any call out charges he did it and went hes great) :thumb:


i Cant Wait To Get Rid Of The Car SI In My Opinions Are Just More Cost On Insurance And Its Not Nippy Enough To Be Called a Sports Car Even Though Its a 16v i Cant Tell It Is lol


Ill Be Happy With a 1.4 Standard Escort

(Boring Comes With Getting Older lol)

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Used to have to do that all the time with the fork lifts at work.


Ah well easy fix, but it might stick again.


If your getting rid there's someone on here who is after an Si


Pm KNITERIDER if you do decide to pass it on...


On second thoughts after looking at the main board looks like hes got one now :nutter:

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+1, iv not driven the 1.4...and wouldnt want to went from a 1.6 to a 1.8 and they are leagues apart on both fuel and performance (asfar as escort performance goes) far more to a tank of fuel and drives alot smoother...my two pennys worth anyway...just to add im now back in a 1.6...and want to drop a bigger engine in already!!! lol
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