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Escort MK3 no power


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Just completed my rebuild on the CVH head. The car starts fine but has no power when going along. The car is auto and have checked all fluids, spark plug gaps, timing, spark. The car was doing this before the rebuild and broke down with a falure of the ignition module. I have since ordered a new dizzy and waiting for it to arrive. Anyone have any clue on what is causing it?



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Yeah pull the pipe off between the pump and the carb get a friend to crank the engine if it pumps a fair amount of fuel out its work in ok.


and new carbs often have swarf floating around in the float chamber blockin up jets and such like this aint un common especialy on a webber.


if its a new carb has the mixture etc been set?


also remove the pipe before the pump and also remove the fuel cap (when the tank is at low fuel level ) and blow an air line down there to make sure fuel lines aint blockin etc this also common on alder carb fords esp mk1 fiestas they have a coating wich comes of in side the tank floats around and partialy blocks the whole. :thumb:


what carb ar you runnin is it the standard 32 /34 degas webber? :unsure:

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