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205/55/r15 tyres £10 each


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Hey there,


I am in desberate need of some wonga so a few bits are up for sale, i really dont have a clue if these are of any intrest to any of you on here but if i dont try i will never know!


I have a set of 5 205/55/R15 tyres. these came on my integra and i took the wheels off and sat them in the garage, they are well with in the legal limit and had only been on the car for a very short while. they are currently still fitted to the wheels so you can have the wheels aswel if you want or i will get them removed.


I am after £10 per tyre, one tyre has a puncture repair so if some one buys 4 i will give them the 5th tyre for free to use on a spare wheel.


Secondly I have some Si seats, or what i am lead to belive is a Si seats.


they are all fine with no burns or tears


i dont know what they are worth so £30 for the pair?


I am based in centeral kent but i am happy to post.


thanks, Tomm

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i will have a quick look but i dont think so


these are not the exact sets but you get the iea of what thy are like




im pretty sure mine dont have that horrible pattern though

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