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my mk5 rst project


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hi all


havent really posted any pics of my mk5 on here but as the weather is nice today i thought i'd give it a good wash as it was covered in mud and shite and put a few pics up


it started life as a crappy 1.4 8v cvh that i bought in july 2007 for £400

it had 12 months MOT and 6 months TAX and all was looking good


over the couple of years i've slowly been modifying it and this is how it is at the moment

















got some rs2000 skirts to go on but not done yet but i placed mine on to see what they would look like

think they look good







front bumper will be replaced soon along with a smaller intercooler

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yeah still alot of work ahead of me! the intercooler was going cheap at the time so i grabbed it while i could coz all the smaller ones are quite expensive atm :(

gonna be getting another front bumper for it hopefully this week and build it around the intercooler so its not all on show


i know the front isnt looking gr8 atm but it will be soon as on bit of a tight budget lol


gonna be getting the rear all done properly: flat floor and sides with a custom install and rear strut brace


just gonna take time :(

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the autospecialists one can be fitted without any slam panel chopping!





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as scorted says get the auto specialist intercooler , i have the same on mine had to cut a bit of the front slam panel for the fans to fit otherwise the turbo would be touching the rad. the are a good price and got a good write up too




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