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2x psps swap for bucket seats or cash


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I have 2 x psps, i would like to swap for bucket seats or cash.



I have advertised these for £90 each for a few weeks now, no luck getting thet tho:unsure:


Im now selling them for £75 each (or swap for bucket seats)


They arnt the slim ones.


Both are black with chargers

4 months old

both have been flashed and have the 5.0 firmware on them

both have 4 gb memory sticks with 5 games on


some of the games that i have on cd are

3 of the grand theft auto

call of duty 3

4 of the tomb raider

lego batman

euro 2008

sonic rivals 2

secret agent clank

free running

tenchu time of assassins

pac-man world 3

skate park city

nba live 2009

the simpsons

sims 2

fifa 2009

shrek the third

end wars

fifa 2009

odd world

dino crisis

dino crisis 2

syphan filter

midnight club L.A remix

madden NFL 2009

silent hill


need for speed prostreet

crazy taxi

metal gear

4 of the crash bandicoot


splinter cell

football manager 2009

smack down vs raw 2009

starwars Ben 10

medal of honor 2


theres a few more games aswell.


I will put 5 disks of games in with the deal.


all you do to get the games on the psp is put the cd in the computer and put the memory stick in the computer, then drag the game off the disk onto the memory stick into the iso folder. stick it in the psp and play.

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Can do these if interested pal?

Damage is shown (easy repair) & no subframes included.

Im located in Cheshire.




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