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MK6 Morrette Quad Headlights Including indicators

Grant Gti

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Hi folks im thinking of selling my morrettes so just gauging interest at the min, I dont have any pics to hand although theres one pic on my 3dr si thread in show us your motor but i assure you there in mint condition theres no chips or cracks in the lenses and no peeling chrome from the reflector inside either they've only ever been painted once from bare plastic but are now in grey primer and the indicators are still unpainted in black plastic, I know these are still quite sought after so thought i'd post it up here first PRICE to cover my back and because im unsure on postage price ill say £160 deliverd and i'll stick to it cheers Grant :cheers:


Edited to say i also have the associated wiring and relay too :thumb:






:thumb: :cheers:

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