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Entering Ford CD key


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when it asks for the code, you have to press the numbers in relation to the number given.......


so for example, your code is 0563


you press 1 untill the display reads 0

you press 2 untill the display reads 5

you press 3 untill the display reads 6

you press 4 untill the display reads 3


after the code is entered, you then press 5 to confirm and if you have entered the doce correct, the unit will fire up, however if you enter it wrong, the display will show somthing like 'lock 5', this means the stereo is locked for 5 mins, you then wait for 5 mins and try again, if you get it wrong, it'll show 'lock 10' meaning you wait 10 mins. and so on, all the way to 'lock 60'


you have a limited number of times to enter the code (5 iirc), if you enter it wrong to many times the stereo freezes up and is unusable unless you take it to ford

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