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rs accessory rear bumper and skirts


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genuine rear bumper and skirts rs accessories

for mk6 but should fit mk5/5b


price for skirts £45

price for bumper £35


price together £60


item location pe316rd

may be able to meet half way or if you want to arange courier i can have them packaged up ready they were fitted to my escort at fitp 09 on the feoc stand it was burgundy mk6 with primer bumpers and skirts

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heres pics as its easier:) skirts as they were fitted to my old car

now removed

and rear bumper i never got around to fitting,




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dont know mate if you can arrange a courier then ill get them ready however i dont have a set of scales big enough to weigh them so if someone else knows weight of a standard bumper and set of skirts then .... let me know buddy


cmon ppl these are now rare and probs wont be around for much longer as escorts well out of production last one being around 10 years ago....

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anyone want these skirts?

i would quite like the skirts mate but not at that price. can arrange courier but thats £15, then i need to paint them.


drop the price a bit and i'll have them aslong as they arent scuffed or cracked.

right illcheck the condition i know they were fitted with just self tappers and have 3 or 4 small screw holes in the sides easily filled and smoothed, as my sills were rotted a bit when fiting them first person to send me £35 gets them pm for payment details

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