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2 cars


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Well, im testing the waters here mainly as I know alot of users have other cars other than escorts


I am looking for a bigger car possibly, although im not sure what, aslong as its A-Hatchback or estate, and B-its not french


I have:

1.6 LX mk6 5 door, tax till end of march, mot till July (I think, may be June)

excellent condition, solid rear arches, just a bit of surface rust, no rust anywhere else

In metallic blue

Starts 1st time every time

New head and cam belt along with uprated cam tensioner as plastic one broke


Only known faults:

Slight bearing noise from rear, although may sort that soon

ICV needs a clean, only plays up when idling for a period of time

Drivers side door locks on key, but not always unlocking


also, 1.8 Si Mk5 b 5 door

Dark green (some say racing green, but being colour blind I cant say for sure)

Tax till end of the month, MOT just about to run out next week

great condition, clifford alarm, and all the usual extras, and alloys that I havent seen on another escort, genuine ford 5 spokes, also the spare is an alloy that barely looks used!


Bad points:

Slight exhaust blow

Couple of dings in panels, but no rust

Boot doesnt unlock with key


Both good cars, was going to break 1 to make the other more fancy but decided the Si that I got was too good to strip


Interested in swapping BOTH cars for 1 decent larger car thats NOT french, and as stated it must be a hatchback or estate as I cant put the dog in the boot of a saloon....well, without the RSPCA having something to say about it anyway haha!


Located in Portsmouth

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After putting the green 1 in for the MOT, although it didnt fail on much, I decided to break it for the bits I wanted, and sell the rest (See xr2steve posts)


So, I no longer have the green car anymore, just a slightly better looking blue mk6...Although all its had is the wheels but still, makes it better looking already!

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