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Lights and elec mirrors dont work properly


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My front sidelights and headlights are brighter on the passenger side and my electric mirrors keep making strange noises.


It doesnt matter whether the igntion is on or off but the driver side lights are 50% dimmer than the passenger side. All the bulbs are the same and ive checked connections/fuses/relays, no problems there. Fuse box maybe?


As for the mirrors, doomed. They dont work when i use the knob but they make little whirring noises on long journeys. Once again, ive checked wires/connections/fuses/relays. Nothing out of the ordinary.


Is there a doctor in the house?

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headlights - have you checked their aligned properly? reason i ask is because i had a focus with the same issuesm i though it was bulbs so i changed them, no difference, its only when it went for MOT the tester said the beam was pointind down to much


as for the mirriros, sounds like the motor or the switch is faulty/buggered

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It went through the mot ok so i dont know about the alignment thing. Its the brightness difference thats bothering me.


Ive tried a different switch for the mirrors and still no joy. Ill borrow some other mirrors off someone and try them to see if its my motors that are dead.

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i borrowed my friends mirrors for a day and got the same result, not working. Put them back in his, they work.


Ive changed the switch again...not working

Checked all connections and wires...not working

Yanked fusebox out and cleaned it...not working

Replaced all fuses and relays...not working





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