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Breaking MK6 Escort Ghia 1800cc In White


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Breaking a "P" 1996 White MK6 escort Ghia, manual with 98k on the clock with air con


All parts available apart from front bumper as ive smashed it to bits, Ill post pics tomorrow for anyone interested in parts


I can post certain items but if people want to collect thats fine, collection will be from walthamstow e17


List of parts available so far


1.8 MAF £10 posted

Fog Lights as a pair, no chips, cracks and all locating lugs perfect £30 posted

Front Headlights, again no chips or cracks (ideally like collected) £25 for the pair

Ghia chrome grille all locating lugs perfect, £15 posted

Chrome Door handles x4 £10 posted

6 Speed Wiper Stalks with relay £18 posted

Front & Rear Fog light switch £6 posted

Electric Window/Boot switch £6 posted

Leather Seats Very Very good condition, drivers bolster showing wear £70 collected (for extra £10 i can chuck in the matching door cards)

Interior Map Light with relay ( Delay Light) £10 posted

Ghia Interior Clock ( The baige coloured Time Clock), i find these are rare, correct me if im wrong £10 posted

Rear Chrome surround £15 posted

I think it has the front heated screen loom £15 posted



Thats all what i can think of at the moment, if anyone wants anything else feel free to pm me or txt me on 07951082019


As said i will take pictures of the car tomorrow so all can see

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From what i can see the door is in very good conditon, there is a pin chip at the top corner edge of the door but thats it, ill clean it, n t-cut it tomorrow take pics and get back to you, but im afraid the door would have to be collected fella
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ill pm you everything you need to know tomorrow mate, i mean if you collected id only want £30 and that would come with the central locking and electric window unit still in situ, so id base the price on £30 pound minus the postage, ill get the dimensions for ya so you can sort a courier and we could go from there, I would also pack it to the best i can for ya mate, the chrome handles from what ive seen are in very good condition, and ill send them 1st class recorded if you chose to buy them
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Here are some pictures of the items for sale and some pictures of the car slightly gutted, sorry about the links only i dont know how to do it properly


RS Accessory Spoiler








Leather Ghia Seats







Map Light + Relay

6 Speed Wiper + Relay

1.8 MAF

Coil Pack + HT Leads

Front Headlights

Front Fogs

Walnut Dash + Walnut Gaitor

Ghia White/Baige Interior Clock

White Towing Cover ( Attachs well but little string connector thing missing)

Window/Boot Switch

Front/Rear Heated screen switch

Front/Rear Fog Light Switch

Fuse Board

Ghia Chrome Front Grille

Chrome rear number plate surround

Electric Mirrors with backing plates

Chrome Door handles (provisionally sold)

Heated washer jets












Picture of the Car





All parts must go as the car is being scrapped tomorrow, so pm me or txt me what parts you want latest by 3pm tomorrow

Offers on any parts!!!!

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how much would you want for:


chrome grill

centre console

wood surround gear gaitor

ghia dash clock (i sold mine with blue LEDS and have a black one)


be collected, where abouts in essex are you as its a big place and i got to ilford quite a bit but can detour.

try and make mine look more like it did when i got it before selling

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